A stay in Vaujany?

The Grand'Maison Lake Inn offers you:

What ?

4 apartments, 1 studio and 1 room for rent for tourism.
View of Lake Verney, and the Belledonne, Grandes Rousses and Taillefer mountains.
The ground floor contains: a vaulted room that can accommodate 60 people, a bar and its bar room, a veranda and a professional kitchen.

Where ?

In Pourchéry, a hamlet of Vaujany, situated 3 km from Vaujany Station and 2 km from Lake Verney.
It shares the ski area of the ”Alpe d'Huez“,
And it is accessible by bus from Grenoble train station (50 km)

When ?

Rent all year round, preferably Sunday to Sunday.
The restaurant will open soon and can be rented for events in the meantime.
Opening of the bar: Sunday late morning and afternoon between June and September.

How ?

For rentals, see the website: http://lacdegrandmaison.fr/cms/ or the AirBnB platform
For the bar, see the site of the association: http://lacdegrandmaison.fr/amicale/

Todo ?

A free shuttle bus can take you to the resort village for skiing in the winter, on the area of ​​the Alpe d'Huez, and the Vaujany swimming pool in summer, with its steam rooms and its jacuzzis.
A leisurely walk through Enversin of Oz will also take you there.
The communal road passes just behind the inn and reaches the Rivier d'Allemont and the Grand'Maison dam (9 km in all).
Below, the banks of Verney Lake offer nice walks.
Above, you can reach the Col du Sabot to see Lake Grand'Maison from above, and the Alpette with its lakes and hiking departures.
By bike, there are only 300 meters of altitude to reach our 1000 meters above sea level after a journey in the surrounding passes.